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ØG zero gravity

Passive magnetic levitation system. Float effortlessly with Secco ingenuity. This lift and slide door option uses a passive magnetic levitation to move the doors open and closed for elegant, seamless indoor-outdoor flow and functionality.

  • Works manually with no need for electricity even under significant weight duress up to 1000kg.
  • Lifted by impressive Ironlev® magnetic sliders that float over a discreet track
  • No noise or friction
  • No chance of trapping with no protrusion
  • 1kg of thrust
  • Effort max 2kg
  • 600k of levitation
  • The closing system is a Secco patent to counter magnetic levitation
  • Magnetico levitazione by Ironlev® patent
  • Removable plate for access and maintenance of the system


0G® [zerø gravity] is the lift and slide option which adopts the principle of passive magnetic levitation for the movement of doors. The frame, lifted up by powerful Ironlev® magnets slides, floating over a small track, without noise, without friction and without the need for electricity. With its technology, 0G® allows you to manually open and close large sliding doors with weights of up to 1000 Kg. The system consists of a floor mounted levitation unit that contains the sliding rail, the magnetic skids and the beam connecting to the door and is accessible for maintenance through movable roof profiles that can have, in their visible surface, the same finishes as the floors, for perfect continuity between the interior and exterior of the building. Only an 8.5 mm gap, closed by brushes, remains visible in the floor as the door slides open, without any protrusion and, therefore, no chance of tripping. In the upper part of the ØG sash, mechanisms are provided in order to counteract the lifting thrust of the magnets and lower the panel, ensuring tightness and closure. The system does not require electricity, it works manually even with significant weights, over 1000 kg.



The little profiles set in front of the glass to fix it in place are also important design components of the frame. They can come in the same colour finishes as the window itself for less of a visual impact.
Zero Gravity Glazing Beads are available in rectangular, thin and gothic styles.


Timeless, chic and geometrically minimalist, the handles of the Zero Gravity model are discreet finishing touches to the design.


Zero Gravity is available in four precious metal finishes


EN 12207 air permeability 4
EN 12208 water tightness 9A
EN 12210 wind load resistance B3

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